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Celcom Home Fibre

Celcom Broadband I Unlimited Quota

Celcom Broadband

Celcom Fibre

Celcom Home Fibre Broadband

Celcomdigi Fibre

Celcom WIfi

Celcom internet plan

Celcom Home Fibre coverage

Celcom Home Fibre

CelcomDigi fibre I Celcom broadband plan


1. Celcom Home Fibre  package is tied up with 24 month contract upon activation date. Early Termination is RM500.

2. You will receive a call from installer within 7-14 working days once your order approve.

3.Standard Installation is Free.Non Standard Installation will be chargeable.

4.For Mesh Wifi Early Termination Fee will be accumulated amount of remaining months in the contract from the device’s recommended retail price (RRP).

Celcom Fibre I CelcomDigi Fibre I CelcomBroadband.jpg

 How is the installation ?

 Make Sure Your Sound Is Turned ON! (Please Wait For Video To Fully Load)

AX Router.jpg

What you will get after you Sign Up?


  • 1 x AX Router 

  • 1 x Modem

  • Free one (1) pair of Celcom Mesh Wi-Fi for 500Mbps plans and above (Purchase Celcom Mesh Wi-Fi at RM25 per pair per month for other plans)

      (Within 7-14 Working Day will be received)

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